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Leinster Championships 2016

Colour Belt Section: 

Trisha Martin - Gold/Silver
Dean Martin - Gold/Bronze
Darragh Martin - Silver
Rachel Martin - Bronze/Gold
Sophie Hens - Gold/Gold
Grace Mcgonigle Murray - Silver
Grace Meares - Silver/Bronze
Fiachra Reddington - Bronze/Bronze
Edel Reilly - Gold/Bronze
Kate Mika - Gold/Bronze
Naoise Knowd - Gold
Aristide Selve - Bronze/Bronze
Lucy Doran - Bronze/Bronze
Keira Murray - Silver/Bronze
Niamh Murray - Gold
Olivia Walsh - Gold/Bronze
Hollie Walsh - Silver/Silver
Aine Moyles - Bronze/Silver
Gerry Chen - Silver/Silver
Emily Dunning - Silver/Bronze
Alexiane Parker - Bronze
Darragh O'Neill - Gold/Bronze
Jake Flynn - Silver/Silver
Conor Sheridan - Bronze
Eoin Sheridan - Bronze
Roisin O Donovan - Bronze/Gold
Laoise O Donovan - Bronze
Michael Henry - Bronze/Gold
Niamh Henry - Bronze
Michael Dillon - Silver
James Dillon - Gold
Mia Daly - Silver/Silver
Johanna Hughes - Gold/Gold
Diarmuid Shine - Bronze
Roisin O Donovan - Bronze/Gold


Taekwondo Athlone, Westmeath, Ireland

Teaching Taekwondo -  Kickboxing - Fitness - Infant classes


Athlone Taekwondo Academy has taught thousands of students in the Midlands since beginning in 1998. We have expanded our classes to include Little Ninjas (developmental classes for kids from 4-6), competitive kickboxing, Skyboxing fitness class and self-defence classes. Our state of the art gym and highly trained instructors allow us to provide the highest standard of training for all our students. We have had over 60 students reach black-belt level or higher and hold over 15 world titles in Taekwondo and Kickboxing. Standard of excellence and personal attention is our goal.


Athlone Town AFC