Advanced Coloured Belt Grading


Saturday, December 10 Time:

Red belts 9:00 am Green stripeblue stripe 10:00 am Blue belt to red stripe 12:30 am Group 1 - White to Green Tag Grading


Saturday, December 17 Time:

White through yellow tags 9:30 am Yellow stripes and green tags 12:00 am Group A - White to Yellow Tag Grading


Saturday, January 28 Time:

White through yellow tags 9:30 am Please note that registration is €30 (+ photo if first grading) to be paid prior to day of grading. There will be no registrations allowed on the day. Please place fee and photo in envelop with name, phone and date of birth written on outside.

UNIFORMS ARE REQUIRED FOR GRADINGS. Please have your uniform clean and pressed. Only white shirts allowed under uniform. No watches or jewellery. Please know your theory well. Theory can be found on our website for all belt levels. ( Proper etiquette is required. We advise that you come early to warm up.

Kind regards,

Ms Mannion


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